Did you lose your teeth in your dream last night?

stressed woman

The link between stress and oral health Have you ever experienced a dream in which all your teeth fell out? It’s a common recurring nightmare for many people. While there is much debate about the interpretation of this dream, its sufferers can attest that it delivers a hefty dose of anxiety. Studies published in the Journal of Periodontology reveal that … Read More

Do you need your wisdom teeth removed?

Panoramic x-ray image of teeth and mouth with wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth surface at the very back of the mouth, usually between the ages of 17 and 24. In many people, these teeth erupt from the gums only partially or never appear at all. If you experience any of the symptoms below, it may be an indication that you need your wisdom teeth removed. • The gum tissue around your … Read More

10 Tips for Healthy Teeth

Good oral hygiene

Good oral hygiene isn’t just about keeping your smile bright. It’s also a big part of general health and wellness. Here are 10 simple tips to keeping your teeth strong and healthy: 1. Start early. Teeth can be wiped clean with a clean, damp cloth or a very soft brush. A child can begin brushing their own teeth at age … Read More

Who had the onion bagel?

Worried about bad breath?

Worried about bad breath? Well breathe easy – there is hope. Finding the cause is the first step toward a remedy. Here you’ll find information outlining the causes and treatments for halitosis. The first step to determining the source of your bad breath is scheduling an appointment with your dental professional. After taking your full medical and dental history along … Read More

Take care of your teeth this holiday season


You can avoid cavities and still enjoy holiday treats by following these easy tips: Enjoy holiday treats wisely Sticky and hard to chew foods such as gummy candy and dried fruit damage your teeth. These treats hold acid against your teeth longer than most other foods and cause plaque build up. Consuming sugary foods or drinks allows naturally occurring bacteria … Read More

Choosing a Tooth Brush

Tooth Brushes

What Type of Toothbrush Should I Use? With so many shapes, sizes and styles of toothbrushes on the market, deciding which kind to buy can be confusing. Here’s what you should look for: Most dental professionals agree that a soft-bristled brush is best for removing plaque and debris from your teeth. Small-headed brushes are also preferable, since they can better … Read More

Nutrition and Pregnancy

Oral health during pregnancy

Are you aware that a baby’s teeth begin to develop between the third and sixth months of pregnancy? That’s why making smart food choices now can help set your child up to be mouth healthy for life. During pregnancy, a sufficient quantity of nutrients—especially vitamins A, C, and D, protein, calcium and phosphorous—are needed. To assist you in making healthy … Read More

Dental Care for Cancer Patients

Cancer Treatment

During the course of your cancer treatment you may experience mild to severe side effects. Be sure to consult with your cancer care team prior to dental checkups especially if you have a port under your skin for receiving medication or feeding. This is important because patients with a port may also take anti-blood clotting medications which can increase bleeding … Read More

Nutrition for Healthy Teeth

Healthy Eatubg

As you know, a balanced, nutritious diet is essential to healthy living. Poor nutrition can lead to many health issues, including oral health problems such as gum disease and cavities. In fact, studies show that people who have lost teeth or wear dentures don’t eat as many fruits or vegetables and tend to have less nutritious diets overall. Your mouth … Read More