Esthetic Crowns – Cosmetic Dentistry

A crown is a hand-fabricated cover that protects the top of a tooth. It may be used to restore and preserve a decayed, broken or cracked tooth. Crowns can also correct some cosmetic tooth problems, giving the patient a better smile. We can replace large, worn-out fillings with natural-looking, ceramic crowns. These state-of-the-art, high-strength, metal-free crowns will restore dark teeth and eliminate lines at the gum line to provide a completely natural-looking appearance. We use highly specialized labs and warranty our work.

Same Day Crowns

New Life Dental Center now offers the convenience of same day crowns! Traditionally, a temporary crown is put in at the initial appointment, and the permanent crown comes in up to two weeks later. Unfortunately, these temporary crowns live up to their name, often falling out or cracking before the permanent crown arrives. With our new, onsite equipment this inconvenience is a thing of the past. Come see us in the morning and have your new permanent crown that afternoon!