Family Dentist Serving Springfield, MO

There are many choices when it comes to selecting your dental care professional. We know there are many excellent options to choose from for a dentist in Springfield, MO, which is why want to prove to you that the level of care coupled with an extensive variety of services is what makes New Life Dental Center the right choice for you.Our office will take care of any type of dental service you need and provide you with top quality care along the way. We provide every general and cosmetic service you may require all in a friendly, family-focused atmosphere.

Our Family Dental Office

At New Life Dental Center, our goal is to make sure our patients feel at ease a
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Nixa Dentist Explains Three Reasons to Keep Up with Annual Dental Checkups

Experts agree: annual or semi-annual dental checkups are important. While it is highly recommended that you see your dentist twice a year, at least one annual dental checkup should be a priority. Why? Keep reading to find out!

Dental Checkups Help Catch…

There are dozens of reasons why you should schedule an annual dental checkup with your Nixa dentist. Not only does a regularly scheduled dental checkup help to keep your teeth and gums h
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Summer Dental Tips for Healthy Teeth from Family Dentist in Nixa

Summertime is filled with all kinds of fun activities. Barbecues, pool parties, and celebrations abound with loads of sweet treats, sodas, and other indulgences. However, while school is out for summer, your oral health never takes a break. Below, your family dentist in Nixa gives you some tips on how to maintain your oral health while still enjoying your summer.

Family Dentist Tips

There are plenty of ways you can help maintain your oral health during the summer. Water is absolutely essential, not just for your oral health, but also for your entire body. This i
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Are Dental Implants Worth It?

Over the past few decades, dental procedures to help patients with decaying, damaged, or missing teeth has advanced by leaps and bounds. One of the most important procedures to develop is the dental implant. For individuals with missing teeth with roots that are exposed, cosmetic dentistry like dental implants can provide a complete replacement that acts and feels like a natural tooth. If you have decaying or missing teeth, you may be wondering if you should get dental implants and if it is worth it.         Before getting into w
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