Top 3 Ways to Avoid Stained Teeth from Your Local Dentist in Springfield MO

Stained teeth can make you look much older. They also affect your willingness to smile. Whether you have had your teeth professionally whitened or just want to know more about preventing stains, below are our top three tips for avoiding stained teeth.1. Change Your Diet It is no secret that your diet affects your overall health. Beverages that are dark in color, like tea, coffee, and cola, are likely to increase stains on your teeth. Dark foods can do this as well. Berries, for example, can contribute to stains whether they are raw, juiced or cooked. Beets and tomato products are also culprits.2. Change Your Lifestyle Smoking, in general, is bad for your
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Nixa Dental Care: Why Is Flossing Important?

Everyone knows that they should brush and floss their teeth twice daily. If you skip brushing your teeth, the evidence is obvious. Bad breath, yellow teeth and a filmy layer you feel on your teeth all day remind you how important it is to brush. However, did you know that flossing is important too?Why You Need to Floss Regularly When you do not floss, you put yourself at risk for major issues. The surface areas of your teeth and mouth are not the only places where bacteria can fester. Because your toothbrush cannot reach into the tiny nooks and crannies between each of your teeth, flossing becomes your primary means of cleaning. When plaque is left to accumulate, it turns into tartar, which can lead to cavities. The bacteria that grows in dental plaque can also cause
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Teeth Whitening Tips from Your Local Nixa Dentist

Whiter teeth mean a more beautiful smile. Also known as bleaching, whitening your teeth has never been easier. Below are a few teeth whitening tips that can help you maintain those pearly whites.Minimize Staining Foods and Beverages Different foods and liquids stain your teeth. Coffee, tea, soda and red wines are among the worst beverages you can expose your teeth too if you want to maintain a white smile. Dentists recommend you cut back or stop drinking these liquids. However, if you do continue drinking them, try doing it through a straw. This will help the liquids bypass your teeth and reduce stains that result from them. Likewise, darker foods tend to contain tooth-staining pigments. Marinara sauce,
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