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Lab FAQ’s:

Q. If I need a repair, is it ok to use Super Glue until I am able to come to the office?
A. No, using Super Glue may make the repair harder for us to fix and possibly more costly for you if we need a new impression and/or it causes you to need a new appliance.

Q. Can I soak my denture in Bleach to whiten the teeth?
A. No, bleach will not whiten the teeth, but will fade the pink acrylic and make it look unnatural.

Q. Will my dog eat my denture?
A. Yes! Always keep your mouth appliance in it’s designated case, away from pets.

Q. Can I soak my dentures in Vinegar?
A. Soaking your dentures in Vinegar doesn’t clean them, but it does cause BAD BREATH!

Q. Can I use tooth paste to clean my denture?
A. Toothpaste can be abrasive and leave scratches on your denture where bacteria can grow. It’s best to use Dawn Dish soap and a denture brush. That’s what we use in our lab!

Q. If I need a repair on my denture how long does it take?
A. If you can get your denture to our office by 10:00am Monday-Friday, most repairs will be ready by that afternoon.


Hygiene FAQ’s:

Q. What type of floss is best?
A. Regular floss is better due to the ability to adapt better around the tooth.

Q. Is there really a difference in an Electric Toothbrush and a Manual (regular) Toothbrush?
A. Yes! The Electric Toothbrush can clean 60,000-80,000 strokes per 2 minutes vs only 600 strokes per 2 minutes with a manual.

Q. At what age should I bring my child to the Dentist?
A. It’s best to bring your child once the first tooth is visible. This allows the child to become comfortable with the dental environment before any issue may arise.

Q. What is the difference in a Prophylaxis (Regular Cleaning) and a Periodontal Maintenance?
A. A Prophylaxis is preformed when no periodontal disease is present. If you have had Scaling and Root Planning (a deep cleaning) in the past, you will be on a 3-4 month recare system in stead of a 6 month rotation because we have to keep bacteria out of the pockets between your gums and your teeth. This 3-4 month recare is called a periodontal maintenance because we are maintaining your periodontal health by cleaning out the bacteria in those deep pockets.


Billing FAQ’s:

Q. Do you allow payment plans?
A. Payment is required in full at the time of service. However, we have many available options! We offer an in-house “Law-A-Way” plan. With this plan you may prepay in installments prior to receiving treatment and when you have enough on your account we can make an appointment.
We also offer financing through Care Credit. They offer up to 12 months no interest payment plans. You can apply at or come in to the office and we can apply for you!


Appointment FAQ’s:

Q: How soon can I get in?
A. We try to save appointment times in our schedule for emergencies. Because of this, we can usually get you in the same week you call, if not the same day!

Q. Do you accept walk-ins?
A. No, please call to make an appointment. We will always do our best to provide you with the best care. Out of respect for our patients who are currently scheduled, and so we will be able to spend adequate time with you, we kindly ask that you call ahead for all appointments.

Q. Is it really a big deal if I don’t show up for my appointment?
A. Yes! We have reserved a certain amount of time just for you! Remember, We Cater to Cowards, so we try to have ample time for all our patients needs. We ask that you please give us as much notice as you can, if you know you won’t be able to make your scheduled appointment. This will allow us to get someone else in that spot who may need to be seen ASAP!